The POSH Act clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of the organisation, the IC and the procedures to be followed in case a complaint is filed. It is equally unequivocal on the penalty that a company will attract in case of non-adherence.

As an organisation, we are sure that you are focused on creating an equitable and safe workplace. Consider SHLC your partner in that endeavour!

With SHLC as your POSH compliance partner, you can stop worrying about mandatory compliance, report filing and everything in between. Focus on what you do best and let SHLC take care of all things POSH.

SHLC can help you with the following:

POSH Trainings and Sensitisation Workshops (Customised to institution)

It begins with creating a safe and gender neutral culture. Whether you have a corporate set-up, a manufacturing unit or a school/educational institution, SHLC can create POSH sensitisation workshops and trainings customised to your audience and requirements.

POSH Documentation Compliance Services

Annual reports to be filed with district officers, maintaining records related to resolution of complaints and other documentation mandated by law are no longer a hassle. Let SHLC manage all POSH documentation for you.

POSH Certifications

Large-scale POSH training and certifications for employees, CXOs, consultants, vendors and contractors, students, etc. can be done effectively and efficiently with SHLC.


Have a large workforce spread over multiple geographies? Virtual POSH trainings and refreshers can be both economical and effective. SHLC’s e-course modules can be customised to your audience.

Advisory Services

Wondering if your D&I, EPLI policies and POSH disclosures are in accordance with the law? SHLC can help!