POSH Trainings and Sensitisation Workshops (Customised to institution)

a. POSH at Workplace

The Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act imposes several duties on the employer such as recognizing sexual harassment as an offence, lists duties of the employer, prescribes the composition of the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) and mandates training of ICC members.


SHLC provides training for all of the following:

  • Internal Committees (ICs)
  • HR Teams
  • Management
  • Employees


Internal Committees (ICs)

SHLC’s services for training and supporting ICs include documentation support and training.


Documentation support:

  • Draft format for conducting sexual harassment inquiries
  • Handbook for IC members
  • Assistance in creating the IC Annual Report


Training support:

  • Training IC members for conducting sensitization workshops within the organisation
  • Training IC members on sending notices to witnesses for the inquiry

Conduct awareness sessions for the employer and ICC on maintaining confidentiality and independence of the ICC.


HR Teams

Training and sensitizing HR team members on sexual harassment; pertinent clauses of the law and in explaining the company’s Sexual Harassment Policy to employees


Management Teams

  • Conducting awareness sessions with management to help them understand their responsibilities under the POSH Act
  • Equipping management with expert task lists in ensuring effective compliance with the law
  • Support with reporting POSH-related disclosures in board reports and relevant financial reports
  • Training management to conduct bi-annual surveys and audits to assess compliance with sexual harassment policy



  • Comprehensive sensitization and awareness sessions on what constitutes sexual harassment; detailed understanding of the Act, filing complaints and consequences of engaging in sexual harassment


b. POSH at Schools

A reading of the law clarifies that “Private Unaided Recognized Schools” under Directorate of Education are covered under the ambit of the POSH Act. SHLC has the capacity to conduct training for school staff including Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) members.