POSH Documentation & Compliance Services

  • Checklist for employers

Comprehensive checklist – customised to the for employers and HR teams to ensure the workplace is compliant with POSH guidelines


  • Anti-sexual harassment law audit

Audits for measuring and analyzing existing POSH mechanisms within an organization to assess efficacy and to ensure that the workplace takes all required steps for prevention, prohibition and redressal of sexual harassment



  1. Identify grey areas that help highlight measures to be taken for compliance with the law
  2. Review and improve effectiveness of measures already being taken


  • Diagnostic questionnaire for employee sensitization

Diagnostic questionnaires are helpful in understanding the level of employee awareness about sexual harassment laws and the organization’s policy and help determine the need for awareness sessions


  • Drafting of anti-sexual harassment policy

Support with creation of customized anti-sexual harassment policy based on the organization’s specifications


  • Drafting of sexual harassment documentation formats
  1. Format of notice to employer to constitute Internal Committee (IC)
  2. Format for employees when filing a complaint with the IC


  • Collaterals for sensitisation and awareness

Creation of informative notices and posters that need to be put up within the organization displaying the penal consequences of sexual harassment


  • Report creation and filing

Support with creation of mandatory annual IC reports and annual reports; assistance with filing them with the district officer


  • Employee helpline

SHLC counsellors and trainers are available on a designated helpline number for employees to ask queries on. We maintain confidentiality and keep the identity of the employee, employer, organization, etc. anonymous


  • IC capacity building

We provide end-to-end support in building capacity for an organization’s IC right from empowering them to conduct sexual harassment inquiries, send notices, sensitize employees to create an environment of mutual respect and other relevant compliances