• Our team conducts ICC capacity building sessions to train the ICC of the various powers that have been entrusted upon them by the POSH Act.

  • We help the employers draft the handbook for ICC members.

  • We provide the draft format for conducting the sexual harassment inquiry to the ICC and train them how to draft the inquiry report and conduct a step-wise inquiry. There have been increasing cases pertaining to the improper investigation by the ICC. Hence, it is essential that the ICC members are trained effectively and comprehensively.

  • We train ICC members how to send notices to witness for the inquiry procedure

  • The ICC also has an obligation to sensitize the other employees of the organization. We assist in conducting awareness sessions for the employer and ICC on maintaining confidentiality and independence of the ICC.

  • We provide assistance in drafting the ICC Annual Report providing guidance to the ICC on the requirements and components of the report.

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