E-Course: Preventing Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

Welcome to SHLC’s interactive e-course on Preventing Sexual Harassment at the Workplace – your gateway to creating safer, more respectful work environments. This comprehensive online program is designed to equip organizations and individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to combat sexual harassment effectively.

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Flexible Learning

Our e-course is designed to fit into your busy schedule. Access the content at your convenience, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the expertise of our seasoned advisors who have extensive experience in the field of sexual harassment prevention.

Interactive Modules

Engage with dynamic content, including videos, quizzes, case studies, and practical exercises that make learning both informative and enjoyable.

Customized for You

Whether you’re an organization looking to train your staff or an individual seeking to enhance your knowledge, our e-course can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Course Highlights

  • Understanding Sexual Harassment
  • Define sexual harassment and recognize its various forms.
  • Understand the legal framework and its implications for organizations.
  • Creating a Safe Workplace
  • Explore strategies for fostering a safe and inclusive workplace culture.
  • Understand legal definition as mandated by the PoSH Act.
  • Learn how to develop and implement effective anti-sexual harassment policies.
  • Reporting and Investigation
  • Understand the importance of reporting mechanisms- conciliation and inquiry.
  • Gain insights into the investigation process and maintaining confidentiality.
  • Case Studies and Practical Scenarios

We have two courses available on the e-learning portal

(a) PoSH sensitization and certification for supervisors– this course helps the supervisors understand their role, and responsibilities as first responders in case a complaint is raised to them. It also sensitizes them on what is sexual harassment, mandatory provisions of confidentiality of IC proceedings, IC- internal committee role and rights, and redressal mechanism under PoSH.

(b) PoSH sensitization and certification for employees– this course sensitizes them to the zero-tolerance policy of the company and also sensitizes them on what is sexual harassment, mandatory provisions of confidentiality, and redressal mechanisms under PoSH.


  • Richa Ranjan
    SHLC's e-course has been a great way for us to implement POSH training within the organization in an effective manner even as we worked out the modalities of remote working. The modules are engaging and are followed by nuanced tests that precisely assess the assimilation of concepts. The SHLC team is so supportive, I strongly recommend others to work with them
    Richa Ranjan
    Head of HR, MoneyView
  • SHLC's e-course format is very efficient and flexible for implementing POSH training within the organization. The modules are engaging, starting from what is sexual harassment to every aspect of the Law is covered in a systematic manner followed by nuanced tests. All our employees highly appreciated the e-course. Thankyou for your support! Highly recommended.
    Amrop India

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