UGC Notification; POSH Compliance At Higher Educational Institutions
November 17, 2019
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Consent In The Age Of Digitalised Workplaces
April 17, 2020

Consent: A Complex Concept?

A comprehensive understanding of consent is vital as it forms the base of any relationship.What does it imply? Simply put, it means asking someone, listening to his/her response and ultimately acting upon the response and respecting the decision.

Now, in cases where there is no response by the other party, it does not imply permission to pursue repeatedly. It is important to understand that no response is also a response, rather it is a very implicit response expressing denial.

Some expressions which can be used to display it, besides no response, are I am not comfortable, maybe, I changed my mind. If any individuals neglects these expressions of denial, it can be termed as harassment and in workplaces, it is termed as workplace sexual harassment, which is prohibited by the law.

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