POSH law and sexual harassment law compliance

The year 2013 was a landmark year in the history of women empowerment. It was the year when the Indian Parliament passed a landmark law making sexual harassment at the workplace an area of priority for employers. What it did, apart from placing the issue of sexual harassment at the workplace squarely in the spotlight, is to provide employees with the right tools to raise their voice against injustice.

Under Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace Act, 2013, employers are mandated to formulate a sexual harassment policy, carry out sensitisation workshops and trainings, and constitute a functional Internal Committee (IC) that oversees sexual harassment complaints, among other things.

Sexual Harassment Law Compliance (SHLC) Advisory was set up with the vision of empowering and enabling workplaces to be inclusive, diverse and gender-neutral in accordance with the law. We are a POSH compliance advisory body with a team comprising a cross-section of professionals including POSH consultants, workplace diversity advisors, lawyers, psychologists and counselors with over 30 years of cumulative expertise in respective domains.

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Ajay Kumar


Jaya Goyal

Legal Advisor

Aparajita Amar

Certified Sexual Harassment &
Workplace Diversity Advisor

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  • Abhiruchi
    Sexual Harassment Prevention training is extremely important these days. SHLC did a fantastic job holding everyone’s attention by making a relaxed and interactive environment that encouraged questions and participation. Aparajita was clear and concise during the training so that our team members not only listened but comprehended the training. She used real-life scenarios during the training which were easy to relate to. In fact, days after the training, I had employees coming up to me saying how much they learned and that the training was interesting and educating.Even after the training, SHLC followed up to answer any questions I might have. I absolutely recommend SHLC and will be communicating with them about our ongoing needs.
    Manager, Human Resource Asort
  • Prachi Ahluwalia
    We would like to thank SHLC for conducting multiple engaging POSH training sessions for all our employees. All the sessions were very interactive and broke down complex legal jargon into fun polls, videos, and case studies. 1.5 hours of training zipped by and left most employees wanting more. Needless to say, all sessions were appreciated by all the participating employees. If you are on the lookout to get POSH training done, we would definitely recommend SHLC.
    Prachi Ahluwalia
    Associate, Organizational Excellence Harappa Education
  • Ankita Singh
    My experience with SHLC India was good. Our POSH trainer "Aparajita Amar" is an excellent trainer and out-of-the-box thinker. She has a strong sense of understanding of critical situations at the workplace related to sexual harassment. Really appreciate the wealth of knowledge and insight shared by the different case studies during the session.
    Ankita Singh
    HR Manager, True Fan
  • Safeer Hashmi
    EXCELLENT TRAINING! I attended POSH training for the first time and SHLC delivered superbly. Aparajita was stupendous as she engaged the audience on such a serious topic with utmost brilliance without making anyone feel awkward or uncomfortable.Not only we got brilliant insights and utmost clarity on harassment, sexual harassment, and assault but also expert recommendations on how to handle a case, how to file a report, and much more. The presentation was engaging, and all the examples and case studies were thought-provoking.
    Safeer Hashmi
    Manager Digital Acceleration, Oriflame India
  • Zeinia Samar
    I wish to acknowledge and thank for your fruitful efforts in organizing and conducting the POSH session in the most amicable and extensive manner. The session was very informative with more practical and deep insights on POSH policy and their applicability. The team definitely gained a lot about identification and assessing the situations in which POSH policy will be helpful pertaining to athletes/support staff. The team had a lot of questions during and after the session which were patiently answered. Looking forward to such awareness sessions in the future as well.
    Zeinia Samar
    Team Leader - Sports Science (Senior Athletes) Senior Sports Physiotherapist. Olympic Gold Quest (OGQ)
  • Henal Shah
    CSA’s association with SHLC and Aparajita has been great. The entire process right from drafting the policies to conducting the sessions was seamless. The POSH workshops conducted by Aparajita were flawless and engaging with multiple examples and scenarios explained with simplicity and relevance. I couldn’t have made a better choice for someone to conduct these sessions. Thank you!
    Henal Shah
    Head - Fundraising & Communications Catalysts for Social Action
  • Richa Ranjan
    SHLC's e-course has been a great way for us to implement POSH training within the organization in an effective manner even as we worked out the modalities of remote working. The modules are engaging and are followed by nuanced tests that precisely assess the assimilation of concepts. The SHLC team is so supportive, I strongly recommend others to work with them.
    Richa Ranjan
    Head of HR - Money View
  • Amrop India
    SHLC's e-course format is very efficient and flexible for implementing POSH training within the organization. The modules are engaging, starting from what is sexual harassment to every aspect of the Law is covered in a systematic manner followed by nuanced tests. All our employees highly appreciated the e-course. Thank you for your support! Highly recommended.
    Amrop India
  • Anuradha Bhattacharji
    The POSH Act for a healthy implementation requires a wholesome reading and SHLC helped us create awareness and implement the same in our organization! The SHLC team guided us in training and capacity building of our Internal Complaints Committee members with the use of case studies and a wholesome reading of the POSH Law. Each employee of our team had only positive feedback to give for them!Our employees now are not only capable of enquiring into cases of sexual harassment but also in fostering a healthy environment to prevent it! Kudos to the SHLC team! I highly recommend them to any organization that aspires to inculcate healthy & and POSH - compliant practices at their workplace!
    Anuradha Bhattacharji
    Head HR (Asia) - Digital Green

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